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André Coimbra

André Coimbra

André Coimbra was inspired to start playing poker by David Williams. Having heard about his success, André was inspired to go out there and learn more about the game. Buying books, reading forums, and quickly discovering the joys of the game. He’s now thrilled to be a member of the Team PokerStars Pro Online and is thankful for David for inspiring him to make it here.

His personal highlight was the first time he made the Supernova Elite at PokerStars. He was the first Portuguese person to achieve the goal, something he proudly shares with his family and friends. He also managed to turn US$100 into US$70,000 in 2013 – playing in numerous tournaments before donating all his winnings  to charity. What a lovely gesture.

A previous member of the Team PokerStars Pro Online, André is coming back with plenty of big aims. Wanting to reach 1 million followers on his social media networks, 1k average audience on his streams and eventually winning a big live tournament. It’s great to welcome him back to the team.

His best streaming moment was finishing 2nd on the 2020 TRIO series Main Event with thousands watching and it being André’s biggest score in a poker tournament, it’s easy to see why. Thanks to technology being by his side and being able to enjoy the MTT format, he is aiming to continue and build his streaming community – something that is a passion of his.

Away from the tables, other passions of André’s are spending time with his wife and daughter, his friends as well as learning new skills. He also was 2009 World Champion for Magic: The Gathering (MTG). He graduated with a degree in Computer Science, with his love of maths being a strong reason behind his enjoyment of poker.

You can find André on the tables under the name acoimbra.