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Land a KO and win cash with Knockout Poker

Think you’ve got what it takes to eliminate the competition and prove you’re king of the poker ring? Register for Knockout Poker tournaments to take a swing at cash prizes.

In Knockout Poker tournaments, a cash bounty is placed on every player who registers. Every time you eliminate somebody, you win a cash prize.

How Knockout Poker works

Knockout Poker tournaments are special MTT and Sit & Go tournaments where the prize money is split, with a part going to the overall prize pool, and the other part distributed among players for each opponent they knock out.

Unlike traditional MTTs and Sit & Go's, you don’t need to finish in the money to earn a cash prize. You can boost your bankroll every time you knock out an opponent during each Knockout Poker tournament.

You can find a wide range of Knockout Poker games in the Sit & Go tab and Tourney / Tournaments tab (depending on which gaming platform you’re using). When you’re ready, click the ‘Register’ button, and start to KO the competition.

Once you’ve chosen your buy-in and the game type you want to play, you’ll be seated at a tournament table.


As soon as you knock out a player (or players) you will get a notification at the table telling you how many players you’ve eliminated, and how much you’ve won as a cash prize.


Knockout Poker structures and buy-ins

Knockout Poker tournaments are offered in a wide range of formats, including Turbo, Hyper-Turbo and Regular.